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It’s Good To Be The Boss March 4, 2013

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Some people have hobbies to occupy their free time. Things like knitting, or learning karate, or dating.

I have a publishing company. Sort of the same thing, though right? It occupies the majority of my free time and it seems like every time I turn around I need to spend more money on it.

But its also fun, and lets me do some really creative and awesome things like providing the platform for the words of my friends and some talented friends of friends to be shared with the world.

Those are the days – the days when a writer sees their words in print, or their name listed on Amazon – that rock. Those are the days that make publishing feel like the best possible use of my free time.

The most recent book I published is called Sucker for Love, The Book: True Tales about Loves Found, Lost, and Imagined, and it was published in partnership with my good friends over at SpeakeasyDC.

I took ten stories that have been told at the annual Valentine’s Day show called Sucker for Love over the past 4 years and asked the storytellers to adapt them to fit the page. Which mostly meant using words to explain things that had been conveyed with tone or posture on stage.

And…I happen to be one of the stories that I included. Because what’s the point of running a publishing company and giving all your evenings and weekends over to it if you can’t publish your own work, right?  Right. Although I’m realizing its a little bit terrifying to have my words out there in the world for everyone to read and judge. I now have a renewed respect for published authors, and a great appreciation for what it takes for them to get out and sell their book. I’m still going to ask them to do it ALL THE TIME, but I have a new respect for what that takes.

But back to me. So my story is called Milestones, and it’s the story about the first time I took Chris home to meet my family. Its the same story I wrote this blog about, and while you may think its weird for me to keep the blog up (with the video of the  story) while I’m trying to sell a book with that story in it, the idea is that the two mediums are complimentary ways for people to experience storytelling, and not in competition with each other.

The book is also a fundraiser for SpeakeasyDC – 50% of all profits from the book will be donated to them, and this partnership will hopefully be a template that Possibilities Publishing can use for working with other non-profits.

So if you’d like to read the book, you can get it as an e-book OR a paperback through Amazon:

Or through Barnes & Noble

Or, if you live near me or are going to be seeing me in the near future, I have a stock of books I can give you for the “show price” of just $10 (which is a few dollars less then you’ll find it on-line).

And if you buy it through Amazon or Barnes and Noble, please leave a review! That’s the best way to help us sell more books!


2 Responses to “It’s Good To Be The Boss”

  1. Amy Says:

    The best story in the book!

  2. Kate Morse Says:

    Bought it!

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