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Randomness August 5, 2010

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Mouse Update:
I bought these sonic mouse repellant thingys that you plug into an outlet. I put one in the middle of the kitchen and one in the hallway right outside the kitchen. I guess its working because I haven’t seen mouse poop in a while, BUT a few nights ago, I came home late and flipped on the kitchen light, and I swear one of the ears of corn that my roommate had left on the stove moved. I, of course, assumed I’d startled a mouse having a snack, and so decided to skip my own snack and went to bed hungry. The next morning there was no evidence of mice presence, but I don’t really trust that.  So I’ve stopped eating breakfast before going to the gym. So instead I eat a protein bar in the car. The plus side is that this saves me 10 minutes in the morning. The down side is its habitualizing my aversion to the kitchen. I think the 10 minutes wins.

Why does everyone hate on women’s professional basketball? It’s not just not many people are fans. People have visceral negative reactions whenever I mention women’s basketball. I tried to organize an outing to a game among my friends, and with a few exceptions they reacted as if I’d suggested midget mud wrestling: a mix of confusion and disdain, with an undercurrent of ick.

I was on my way to the game, on the phone with a friend and when I mentioned where I was going he said “Ech. No, I can’t do that. I just can’t handle going to something like that,” a reaction more suited to an admission of heading to a dog fight.

I mean, seriously people, WHAT IS THE DEAL?

I get that it’s not as flashy as men’s pro ball, that there aren’t the superstars and the celebrities. But that’s kind of what I like about the game – I feel like there is more actual basketball played in a women’s game, even if the game sometimes moves at a slightly slower pace. There’s more teamwork, more ball handling and passing and less one man running the length of the court and laying in a basket, and the cheer squad is dressed in basketball shorts and t-shirts.

In terms of an afternoon’s entertainment you can’t really beat it. $35 gets you into the lower level seats, which you can buy on game day. There are no lines for restrooms or concessions. They often have fun promotions and entertainment during the game. And yes, obviously, if women’s basketball become really popular, a lot of those things would no longer be true, but…apparently that’s a small risk. 

I don’t need everyone to like women’s basketball, I just think its insane that people actually hate it.

So, I’m officially dating. For the first time in about, um… two years. I’m excited because I actually like dating. Well I like first dates. I’m really good at them. In general love firsts – first dates, first kisses, first…well you get the idea. It’s the getting beyond the firsts that’s my issue. For a lot of reasons. Some of them even have to do with me. But the phrase that keeps going through my mind every time I attempt, or even contemplate getting involved, on any level, with a man is “This is more than a tiny bit of crazy.” Maybe it’s because I’m older and older = cynical, but I don’t remember it being like this.  Even to decide if I want to Facebook friend them/socialize with them/date them/fuck them/take out a restraining order on them, I have to wade through all the crazy: the good crazy, the bad crazy, the obvious crazy, and worst of all, the subtle, tricky crazy.

And there is just a lot of fucking crazy out there.

And this is before we even get to the broken parts and the  dark and twisty parts, and the emotional hangups. Because I accept that everyone has issues, quirks, baggage and weird hang-ups. I now view dating as a process of just finding someone whose’s issues, quirks, baggage and hangups don’t bother me and/or complement mine, and who feels the same way about my quirks, baggage and hangups.

Its daunting.

I mean, it’s a challenge and I love challenges.

But really, the best part of dating (aside from the first kisses and butterflies and endorphins and the sex), is that dating yields excellent stories. And the crazier the better as far as that’s concerned. So at least I’ve got that going for me.


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